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Lewisham Speakers, is Multi -Cultural club, in the heart of South East London. With its friendly, supportive encouraging environment, it is perfect for nervous speakers to develop confidence and excellent speaking skills. Just 5 mins walk from Lewisham Train, DLR and Bus Stations.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our 15th February meeting

Sergeant at Arms Vivienne set the mood for our meeting and prepared
for all to be ready to go. We even had warm drink before we begun!

President Julie opened the meeting with her elite style then
introducing Toastmaster of the Night Phillip

Meeting theme was "Dining Out" Toastmaster of the night, Philip took

charge of the entire meeting from the start with strong emphasis on
time management. Very robust opening, clear explaining meeting
objective, I liked the meeting very much it started in time and closed
in time.

Warmup leader Lucas - Our word master warmed up our vocal cords by a good
question “what is this year achievement” and some great answer popped
up. Time Keeper Jim (Welcome back! Come again!) – Executed the role
with dogged determination. Grammarian Zhanna- Explained the
role crisply and succinctly, introduced a new word VIN which is quite
new to me at least. Ah Counter Windy, an upcoming speaker, once
again great display of listening skills and found out some good use of
language (metaphor/ cliche) and counted Ams and Ahs very diligently.

There were four speakers and it was power pack.

1st Speaker Flavia - Shown her exuberance style of storytelling skills
captivating the audience from the start. Her speech was on “How book
can change life”.

2nd Speaker Serena – Her mesmerizing voices has engulfed and drew
every one towards her with story on Journey from Jamaica to London
with some interesting and innovative wrap up pictorial slides.

3rd Speaker Manoj - His 'Baiser Amoureux' (French interpretation of
KISSING) speech has at least inspired Toastmaster Steve J & also our 
4nd timer new guest Arnold, they where very excited. During break time, they
grabbed the speaker to the corner and shared some new form of kissing
like Scottish and Franko Kiss - Of course, they have not done anything
wrong. Sadly Manoj speaker was not allowed to complete the speech as it went
out of time. Recommendation – Time is essence and keep in time.

4th Speaker Richard - Another reverting performance by Richard made
every one sat on the edge of chair and I even got goose bumps all over
the body. He finally disclosed the truth that his inspiration and
motivation model is none other than his own MIL (mother in law)

Of course, all were evaluated, feedback is so important to learn and
to progress, and even learning to listen.

Ist Speaker's Evaluator Vivian - Her clam and composed form of
evaluation is amazing and she elegantly given a very uplifting
evaluation on Flavia
2nd Speaker's Evaluator Michael - One of the fastest improving TM in the
club, every time he is on stage he is making great impact in his TM
3rd Speaker's Evaluator Chris D - First timer, bang on, I can't think
someone just stepped out and giving such great performance, touched
every angle of speech in detail.
4th Speaker's Evaluator Julie tepped in the role at the last
minute and gave some very important useful tips for Richard and all of
the other Toastmasters, too..

Table Topic Presenter Katy - Amazing, if anyone has to look for
innovation and out of the box thinking, follow Katy, every time she is
on stage, she has the passion and vigour to present her topic with
ease. She has transformed the Table Topics part into a debate style a
very unique way to get toastmasters advice on timing.

Table Topic speakers - Firstly Philip, Windy, Beverly, argumented one
of the three propositions. Then, Michael, Jim (Guest and Past Member),
Andy (1st timer guest), Dee (our Newest Member) amazing performance by
everyone, I'm sure their performance and opinion has helped the
audience and committee to take decision on the time. 
Interesting TMON [Philip] speaking about the importance of keeping in time,
himself went out of time, sadly it was not found out by Timer
but pointed out by audience, but anyway we all makes mistakes and
toastmaster is a learning place. Recommendation - Practice what you

Table Topic Evaluator Steve J - His humorously style of evaluation
with sandwich form of feedback was very well planned and organized and
it was a good spread of commendation and recommendation. He carried
out an honest and critical evaluation of the whole proceedings.

General Evaluator Rosie - She gave an excellent evaluation, infact
she stepped into the meeting with a intention of relaxing and
enjoying, but what is the point if you in meeting with no role - which
is better understood none other than Philip, who just throw the ball
to Rosie, she cached and run throughout the evaluation with vigor and
vitality and explained every nuts and bolts of the meeting fine points
efficiently and effectively.

Best Speaker - Flavia, I think she got a habit of winning every time.

Julie presided over the award giving ceremony, congratulated DEE for
becoming our newest member, and delivered the closing address,
reminding all that the 29 we will have a great Storytelling event.

Invite guest for it!

We all enjoyed the evening, keep coming!

Manoj Sivaraman, Secretary

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  1. Its great to read your meeting minutes and I wish to commend your club on this. However, please remember as Toastmasters we need to watch or writing skills (there are many grammatical and spelling errors here). As a fellow Toastmaster, I would urge you to have someone review your minutes before they are posted here as your website is a very important marketing tool. Keep the enthusiasm going!