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Friday, May 18, 2012


Dear all!

Well what a fun evening we all had. Julie started the evening giving us a good structure of the evening and she informed us in advance that we would be voting for the new Committee which would come into effect from 1st July this year.

Our first speaker of the evening was Chris “My first Tutorial” what a hilarious account of “My first tutorial”. Stand up situational comedy seems to come so naturally to Chris. He certainly had guts to run that course, but he taught us all that going out side your comfort zone can bring you rewards of a kind that you never anticipated. I’ll remember his story next time I’m taking a risk.

Flavia gave a very thought provoking speech, that is so relevant in today’s society. As usual she spoke so eloquently. Okay she might have had to search for her words at one point, but she kept her confidence, and didn’t let it phase her, such a high impact message I thought. It is true we are so busy, often living large distances away from our parents it is difficult to make sure the elderly in society are looked after properly, having the right social stimulation, and as she clearly pointed out one day (if we are lucky enough) we will all be old too.

Emanual’s speech meanwhile was concerntrating on the opposite end of the age spectrum, and looking at how we communicate with our children. He reminded as all that action’s (particularly with children) speak so much louder than words. It appeared Emanual's speech was appropriately, as later let us into a little secret, that he was indeed soon to be a dad for the first time himself!!. Good luck Emanual from all of us at Lewisham Speakers to you and your soon to arrive little bundle of joy:-)

Zhanna certainly gave us an entertaining speech. I am not sure if it was because I was sitting at the front, but on this occasion I think Zhanna surpassed herself. Although I did speak to a couple of other people sitting a few seats back, and they too thought she had reached a new height in her speaking. For me this was her best speech yet, she pressed all the right buttons. Her role character playing of the child she teaches, and the parents she faces on parents evenings was hilarious. Although I have to admit I am so glad not to be a teacher in the UK!!!

Then we were privileged enough to have Garret Gerrel who has won District 78 Humorous Speech Contest in the USA, and made it to the top 18 of the world championships in public speaking (out of 35,000 entrants!) A very thought provoking speech, explaining to us that more than often it’s not the words we use, but the real value of communication is when we mean it. It’s when it comes from our HEART.

There were no surprises then when Garret Gerrel won best speaker of the evening. Well done Garret.

All our evaluators discharged their assignments diligently. Ola picked up on Chris’s good use of hand gestures, and explained to us how Chris really speaks on our level and from the “soul”. Deep down we can all identify with him.

Richard gave a very full and energetic evaluation of Flavia’s speech, and described to us Flavia’s seductive, provocative, persuasive speech. Richard was certainly in his usual top form.

Arnaud continues to develop himself, and its great to him grow in confidence. A good evaluation, he explained how he liked Emmanuel’s use of body language and how it contributed to the overall quality of the speech.

Manoj showed how well he performs under pressure by giving us a very accurate and confident evaluation of Garret’s speech. Yikes a tall order for anyone!! Manoj was also our Sergeant at Arms for the evening, and discharged his duties with all due diligence.  

Windy who stayed the firm master of the bell, whether we liked it or not. Well done Windy for correctly standing his ground. Time is important for us all, and we need to stick to it!!!

Phillip then cantered through all the post holders for the evening, and gave us some useful feedback.


At this point we voted in the new Committee Members which will come into effect on the 1st July this year.

Manoj was voted in as our new Vice President of Education.
Flavia was voted in as Vice President of PR,
Vivienne was voted in as our new Vice President of Membership,
Stephen our Sergeant at Arms.
Lucas our Secretary.
Richard our Sergeant Arms, and last but not least your,
Katy, president for next year!!

 I’m looking forward to serving the club for this and next year, and really pleased with the members that are on the committee, together as a club we will grow in strength, and soul.


1.Joint committee meeting, Wednesday 7.30PM 23rd MAY 2011at Julie’s place
to make sure we have an effective handover of committee roles, from existing committee members to the new team. All existing committee members to attend, and all new committee members to attend.

2. Friday 1st June at LEWISHAM COUNCIL Catford, demo meeting. (Lunch time)
1st June Meeting with Lewisham Council Young Employees.

Lewisham speakers take verbal communication and leader skills to a new level! Spreading the word, and encouraging other organisations to share in the joy of acquiring these personal development skills. If you would like to take part in this event contact Julie Kertesz for further information.

All this action, I’m certainly looking forward to it.
I had better pen off now.

Your Vice President of Education.

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  1. Chris DouceMay 18, 2012

    A great night! Really enjoyed it :)