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Monday, October 8, 2012


The Area contest for the Humerous speech and Table Topics competition held at Citi Criers turned out to be an electric evening.  Such a great turnout from guests and members coming from  Area 59 and outside this Area too!

Flavia and Steve did us proud.  Steve taking first place in the Table Topics, and Flavia taking 3rd in the Humerous Speech section.  They were fantastic, well done to both of them.   The overall results were:-

Humerous Speech Contest

1st William (Speaker’s Corner)

2nd Adolfo (Citi Criers)

3rd Flavia (Lewisham Speakers) Yippee!!


Table Topics

1st Steve Roberts (Lewisham Speakers) Yippee !!

2nd Adolf (Citi Criers)

3rd Francis (Speaker’s Corner)



This was an altogether different style to our usual evenings, which made for eventful fun evening.

The people really made the evening, our guests many of whom took part in the table topics, and visitors from other clubs as well as our existing members together made it a warm friendly and bustling evening.

We were led confidently and competently through the evening by Phillip. 

Chris was clear and concise with the Warm Up.  He explained how it worked, and also gave us some notice as to who was answering the question first and how the order of response would progress, so there was no confusion as to who was next.  It was a nice simple question too, which lent itself to short succinct answers.

Richard made us all think how we all spend our time, and to invest in what counts in life.  He was energetic in his delivery, and used vocal variety and pauses at the correct intervals to reinforce his point.

Gayna was our Educational Speaker of the evening, and didn’t she do well?  Great interaction with the audience.  She made us think and interact with her by asking us what made speech preparation difficult for us, and then used a flip chart to write all our thoughts down and then systematically went back and answered all the questions!   By doing so she devised a way of having a real open conversation with us.

The following speeches which Gayna gave were enlightening.  The importance of making a speech that is relevant to your audience is so important, and the speech she gave emphasised the point perfectly.  We must remember it is the audience we are serving, not ourselves.

 The use of Gayna’s personal experiences in life that she shared with us really meant she was speaking to us, not at us, and she was really "in the moment."  Consequently we were all engaged with her in the true sense of the word.  A big thank you to Gayna.

The evening was rounded up by our table topics,  and it was good to see our guests taking part in these.


A great night out for all those 13 people who attended.  We were entertained by 5 speakers all of whom told their personal stories.   Well done to Julie, who at short notice was drafted in to tell one of them.  It was nice to have the opportunity to meet people socially from other clubs.  Such a fun night, and I can’t wait to get back there to tell my own personal story in public at the end of the Story Telling Workshops in March.  We all came away energised and inspired with the power of personal story telling.


Excellent, such fun we all had.  We all got the opportunity to learn why story telling is so powerful, and we all got the opportunity to tell a story in front of each other too.  It was superb having the opportunity to listen to each other’s stories.  I can still remember everybody’s story they told today even!!  Just goes to show how important and powerful stories can be at conveying a message.  The next story telling workshop it at LEWISHAM ON WEDNESDAY 10TH OCTOBER RECEPTION 7.15 PM FOR A 7.30PM START. Looking forward to seeing you there!!


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