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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Strength of a Great Team

It always surprises me how everything comes together at Lewisham Speakers Club, well last week was a meeting of two halves.

Jason opened the meeting and welcomed our guests, Michael, Jason, Robert, Serena, Joanne, Patrick, David and Peter from Meridian before handing over to our Toastmaster Katy whose warm and generous personality held the rest of the meeting together Judith, introduced the warm up on what we would do with lottery winnings, the most popular choice was a long holiday.

Then I as grammarian, encouraged us to become comrades, and quite a few met and surpassed the challenge, by using the word.

Peter, being a true Toastmaster stepped in as Timekeeper and kept us all on time. Then the Lewisham Magic Happened as our three speakers had a common theme, of observing the ordinary and learning from it.

Kirk took us back to a Saturday as the movies as a child as after watching The Devil Wears Prada, he pacified his Rotwelier of a boss by solving an equation and whilst teaching won his American ca
Habibu, then noted the importance of eye contact in Europe and explained that hazel or amber eyes actually have green and brown specks, very evocative, before reminding us that above all our eyes enable us to expand our vision.

And Kirk and Habibu were joint winners then John, again took us back to our childhood of living in the moment, having been Dolphin watching in America where the sea was like pea soup, and encouraged us all to keep our minds open to our surroundings and actually live in the moment and then be more relaxed.

Our evaluators, Jason, Shernett (evaluating for the firt time) and Serena, picked up on the power of personal stories, confident voice projection and the power of rhetorical questions enabling our speakers to become even better. Serena was awarded the best evaluator title.

After the break, Serena became Topics Master and this section was an opportunity for our guests to show us there existing speaking talents, and I as Topics Evaluator as a result had an easy job for the record, due to their quality so giving much for commendation.

Jason, our Best Table Topic Speaker used humour as he recounted confessing to hitting a neighbours car as a child and despite telling the truth had to pay £54 for the repairs!  He's not sure honesty always pays?

Patrick was definite about which he prefers a city or beach holiday, Why? Because his reward from a cycling holiday will be a few days at the beach, good to be decisive.

Michael, told us that his pet hate is litter but also reminded us how sometimes caution is called for if standing up for our rights can be too risky, very wise and more powerful being personal Joanna admitted that one of her bad habits is being late and as she explained how she finds herself rushing to catch up, her voice speeded up for added effect.

Peter, also speaking about being late told us how his family delayed him and over time he became resigned that he couldn’t solve jams in the Blackwall Tunnel with great gravitas for added impact.
David admitted that he would struggle to pretend to like a boss to get a promotion and his gentle body language supported his message.

Another encouraging, educated and energised evening of Lewisham Spaekers Club. Looking forward to the next soirée!

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