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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring contest

the winners are by Julie70
photo by Julie70 on Flickr
Flavia, for the international speech contest
Richard, for the evaluation contest

They will represent us for the Area contest, the 10th of April

Manoj Sivaraman <msn.cps@gmail.com
Hello All
I’m sure many of us had a good time last Wednesday at Lewisham club. Sitting on the edge of the chair and watching a fun and power pack contest was a great experience for me. Yes the seven contestants have given their best shot and I’m sure it was a tough test for our judging panel to decide the best.

The session was chaired by our enthusiastic and energetic Vivienne who pixelated the meeting with excellence and brevity. Her calm demeanour and capability of organising and running the fantabulous show is getting better and better every time she take the challenge.

So let’s see how the contestants performed up.............
Zhanna – Beautifully dressed in traditional attire which swirled through the air complimented the story about her son. What I like more about her speech, she chosen to take three stands to deliver her three stories, which epitomize the art of public speaking and storytelling skills.
Jason – His poignant story was beautifully crafted which touched every one’s heart. The message delivered powerfully with his softening voice. His speech reminded us why we all should care of precious item even it is old. Superbly written and delivery with great stage presence
Manoj Manoj, told his first really personal and poignant story and yes, also told it so well. Greater presence and delivery to
Richard – Elegance, powerful and great story line. Richard with his boxy suits and droppy eyeglasses cranked out his brilliance with wealth of experiences and style. His confident and enthusiasm was written all over his face and given full justice to his personality.
Flavia – She brighten the whole room with her powerful punchy 5 liner message by dramatising like bird flapping the wings. She was busting with confidence and her stocky bundle of positive energy, plug her into the National Grid and she would solve England's energy deficit at a stroke.
Lucas – Single concept and a great theme – American Dream. He delivered a high impact speech with vigour and eloquence. I’ve seen Lucas grown so fast as a better speaker in such a short space of time. His smile and message for every one live the life in present, don’t chase for success.
Peter – Powerful message “90 % Success”, with his stroke of genius he has captured the audience attention right away. His speech has a powerful message, what struck me with special force not only his message is memorable but it is quite significant to everyone life and reminded us of an age old axiom “Give a Go”
The winners from the Lewisham International Speech contest, 2013 were :-  
1st Position – Flavia Gordon
2nd Position – Richard Green
3rd Position – Manoj Sivaraman
Our Second contest was Evaluation Contest and our mystery speaker was from Bromley Toastmaster club. TM Vinod Venkatanaryan spoke on Yoga. Very well said and encourage all of us to make yoga a part of life. The Evaluation contest session was equally good and I’m sure Vinod has benefited from the feedback. His speech was evaluated by our seven contestants with 360 degree feedback.
So let’s see how the contestants performed up.............
Peter – Don’t know how he performed. All the evaluators where cordoned off by the Sergeant at Arms in the sound proof room.
Manoj – Did very well as shows his third position.
Jason – Great evaluation, he touched every single points and appreciated Vinod on its positive and give a few tips to enhance his speech.
Richard –He grabbed the evaluation by the horns and superbly sliced it. His passion to become Yoga enthusiast and giving some breathing and de-breathing exercise on the podium was really transformed his evaluation.
Flavia – Brilliant evaluation, her sandwich approach on the evaluation was the true testaments of her delivery and personality.
Lucas – His energetic and enthusiastic presence radiated through the podium as he took the stand. He seems moved by the speech and I’m sure he might have joined Yoga classes from last Friday onwards.
Zhanna – Gave some very useful and practical tips to Vinod. She was very good in getting the nuts and bolts of the speech and outclassed everyone with some great feedback for improvement.
So the winner from the Lewisham International Evaluation contest, 2013 are:-  
1st Position – Richard Green
2nd Position – Jason Thompson
3rd Position – Manoj Sivaraman
Finally, thanks to everyone including Philip Landergan, Julie Kertesz, Steve Jarymn, Asiimwe Balinda, Barbara Thompson, John Casey, Lucinda Gray, Serene Nelson, Vivenne Osunde and Katy Woolcott to make the contest such a wonderful event.
See you all soon..............

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