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Sunday, April 22, 2012

International Speech and Evaluation Competition 21st April 2012

Well didn't we have fun.  The event got off to an early start with a Committee Meeting in the small room.  Gloria from Lewisham Methodist Church said that we could use the Large hall despite the fact we had only booked the small room, so that was great, and very generous her, which we much appreciated, and thankful for.  Thank you Gloria.

Well done to Saladdine for organising the agenda, and assigning all the roles, so that everything ran seamlessly.  Those all assigned with roles discharged them diligently which made for good team work, and ultimately a well organised day.    It was good to see so many fellow Lewisham members turn up and support the competitors. (Flavia, Vivienne, Michael, Julie, Manoj, Stephen, Richard, Phillip, oh and me!!).  Yes it was quite a family outing for us Lewishamites!!

Dave from Croydon (and like to think Lewisham too, as he was our past president of Lewisham Speakers)  made sure we were all super warmed up, by encouraging us to cheer at the top of our voice. It was nice and somehow it made for  a nice atmosphere too, and contributed to the fun of the day,

We had some excellent speakers.  Adrian from Bromley explained how he grew when he took a big risk and left his secure job which he did not enjoy, and explained that now he looks forward to going to work every day because he is never quite sure what the day would hold. He didn't quite anticipate all the challenges along the way, but little by little he has grown, and found new skills.   His speech  was delivered clearly, and articulately throughout, and at a nice pace so we could follow his story.  He came 3rd in the speech contest.

Eleine and Richard (1st 2nd in the Speech Contest)
Then we had our Richard who delivered his speech with his usual enthusiasm and energy.  He was alive on stage, and we were with him following him on the trials and tribulation of life working in the family firm, before branching out and working 110%  by himself, which delivered the results for him.  It was a nice pace, good vocal variety and good volume, which meant we were engaged throughout, and were with him from start to finish.  Richard came 2nd.  Well done Richard. 

Elaine from Bromley won the best speaker trophy. Well done to Elaine.  It was an hilarious speech.   She took us on a journey, to find her husband.  This lady had serious stage presence, a certain charm that just commands your attention.   She is incredibly well spoken and such an articulate voice.  I have real hopes for her in America, and it wouldn't surprise me, if this young lady comes back from America with the trophy.  Good luck Elaine!!

The remaining speakers were also of high quality, and it was an extremely hard competition to judge.

Our guest speaker from Meridian delivered her speech, which I found hilarious.  Telling us about her journey in Japan.  I really enjoyed it, and apparently she only had 2 days notice to prepare!!! I was very impressed.  I loved the American voice, its so full of warmth, you just could not help engage with her.  I loved the American vocab.  I agreed totally with Neil's evaluation that she chose her choice of words very carefully, enough to keep it amusing, but not too course so as to alienate us.  Um I must put Japan on my travel list some time, she's got me intrigued about the place.  Although if 5ft 4 inches scares the Japanese I'm not sure what they would make of me, a giant at  5ft 11 inch.  I'll scare them witless probably tee hee!!!

Then we had the break.  The strawberries were yum, and Vivienne had indeed put on a very fine spread. It was nice to see so many familiar faces which I had seen at other clubs all in one place, and made for some interesting conversations.  Phillip, Chief Judge,  rounded all the judges up during the break, and made sure we were all informed, and new exactly what were doing.  We all enjoyed chatting so much during the break I think it was hard to round us up and get us back in our chairs again, but with some careful persuasion Julie our Sargent at Arms steered us back, so the meeting could go on to the second half.

The evaluators were in fine form in 3rd place came Damian from Meridian Speakers, who gave a well composed evaluation.  Our Richard came 2nd.  He used the sandwich approach, explaining what the speaker did well, and was very diplomatic in what the speaker could improve upon.  A well structured, and well delivered evaluation.  Neil Pettigrew from Bromley won the evaluation contest, with a very well organised, accurate evaluation of our guest speaker.  Again another tough contest to judge, because all the entrants had done well.

Peter and Manoj were the contest chairs, and shared the job well I thought.  Both were confident on stage, and consequently I felt in safe, well organised hands.

Jenny, with beaming cheerful smile,  made sure that all the votes were collected, and Cliff did a good job as timekeeper.  It was good because the meeting finished on time too.

Well I think that's all from me, I had better pen off now if I'm going to get this on our Blog.

See you all a Lewisham Toastmasters for the 2nd May, usual commencing time 7.30pm sharp, for another fun toastmaster session.

VPE Lewisham Toastmasters.


  1. Well done! Thanks for all who have assisted, all who have organised it, all who have been contestants, too. Hurrah, to Richard who came second between six great contestants!

    A special thank to Vivienne who worked so hard behind the curtain... If all seemed 'seem less, it is due to her and Katy!

  2. Chris DouceApril 23, 2012

    Sorry to have missed it :( Well done Richard and all the competitors!