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Friday, April 20, 2012

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Well I don't know about everybody else, but I certainly was entertained last night.  Richard as usual was in top form, and was determined to start the meeting on time.  I like it! start as you mean to go on.   

Vivienne was there up on stage as usual, incredibly poised, articulate and controlled, with her on stage we knew we were off to a flying start.  Richard had certainly done his home work and preparation well.   I noted how he had emailed everybody in advance for 3 words that best explain ourselves.  I thought it ever so clever, because it enabled us to learn alittle more about each member in our group.  Nicely done.  Vivienne in her multitasking mode came back on board with her Olympics question, which nicely warmed us all up for the evening.    

Arnaud one of our more recent members performed his duty of Ah counter for the evening diligently.  I'm looking forward to giving him more roles and watching him grow. Michael our time keeper of the evening also discharged his duty of time keeper diligently.  I liked the fact he told us how far we were behind time just before the break. It was a reminder to us all that we are all responsible for watching the clock, and to take responsiblity for how we manage our time on stage, and to this extent we all have a responsibility towards one another.

Then we had our first speech of the evening Serena, and what was it about the Olympics!  She was her usual bright self, full of smiles, its infectious, that can't help you feel happy too.  She gave a very informative speech, that I now feel well informed about the transport options during the Olympics.  Well done Serena.  Flavia made us all think about our communication skills, and didn't she keep us entertained, such a voice!  I love her little dance/wriggle on stage at the beginning of the speech.  She really did show us all how the use of body language, written material and the use of the pause can be truely used to engage people.  Well done to Flavia who won best speech of the evening.  Manoj entertained  us with his confident, lively, energetic speech on stage.  He had us all amused was this for real???  encouraging  us to buy bits of land on other planets?? Well  I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to sell the family silver just yet!! but certainly I'll be keeping a closer eye on those rising sea levels!! Um may be I'll just buy some land on top of Snowdon first. He raised some very good points that we should all perhaps think about.  Crikey Phillip, who would have thought that Health and Safety could have been made so entertaining.  His use of props and handouts, excellent communication skills of an experienced toastmaster and incorporation of humour helped to keep us all engaged so he got his message through to us.   

Vivienne nibbly collected all the votes, and I noticed her very quietly leaving the room to set up all the tea and coffee to make sure we were well watered in the break, so a big thank you to Vivienne from all us who is always so reliable, it doesn't go unnoticed.

We shouldn't take such commitment for granted. A well deserved bottle of wine.

Steve then gave his Evaluation of Serena an explained how she had faired against the criteria of the manual, and concluded that she had indeed met the expectation of the speech requirements.  Dee gave a very detailed, informed, and fair evaluation of Flavia's speech.  She was composed, confident, and had what I thought great stage presence.  Definately a very competent communicator in the making there !! She's racing ahead in such a short period of time too.  Steve I thought also gave a fair evaluation of Manoj's speech, and I agreed with all he said.  Steve had us all engaged with his delivery.

 Steve talks to us, not at us, and he certainly knows how to keep us entertained!!  He showed us this in his table topic response:- To tell a porky or not to tell a porky that is the question!! The dynamic Richard, was doubling up as evaluator too, and again another well structured informative evaluation I thought. Both Steve and Richard came 1st in the evaluation contest, so well done to both, but remember those important aspect is the taking part, cos that's how we develop ourselves.

Well done to all those who took part in the Table topics including our two guests.  Didn't all our table topic contestants fair well!  Ali I am pleased to say has indicated he wants to become a member, so hopefully we will see him again and welcome him back in the not too distant future a member??  Well done to Jon for managing the process so efficiently I just love his dry sense of humour on stage, Jon's jokes I find are so quick witted.  Lucas hit the floor running with the Table Topic Evaluations.  Wasn't he brilliant, such a challenging role to come up quickly after contestants have just finished their table topics, but he delivered both accurately and in style.  Well done Lucas.   

Ola was the GE of the evening, such an important role, it requires attention throughout the evening and all credit to him, he clearly had listened and had a sharp eye on the evening as this was evidenced in his constructive feedback.  When I receive feedback that it is constructive, it reminds me of my obligation also to ensure I give constructive feedback at every opportunity, and the importance of making sure we fill in the feedback forms each and every one of us when we listen to a speech.

Well folk thats all for now.  Just to confirm the Area competition is this Saturday at Lewisham Methodist Church for a prompt 2.30pm kick off.  No pressure Richard but we are looking forward to seeing your trophy when you bring it back from America.  Go Richard!!

Kind regards
Katy Woolcott
VPE Lewisham Toastmasters

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